Tanna Frederick is currently starring in the movie, “Train to Zakopane,” starting in October of 2014.

Tanna Frederick, starred as a dog in the title role in “Sylvia” at the Edgemar Center in 2011, is receiving accolades for her work. “Frederick is nothing short of terrific…Four paws up!” said Jose Ruiz of ReviewPlays.com of a recent performance.

Frederick most recently starred opposite Noah Wyle in Henry Jaglom’s romantic comedy “Queen of the Lot.” She played Maggie Chase, as actress desperate to claw her way off the B-list of action films into major movie stardom.

Betty Jo Tucker of ReelReviews.com said of the chemistry between Frederick and Wyle, “their ‘opposites attract’ banter reminds me of old-time movie couples like Tracy and Hepburn. And their onscreen chemistry is undeniable.” Frederick won Best Actress at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival for her role.

Last year, Frederick starred in “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway” at the Edgemar. Suffused with a near-Chekhovian mix of the wistful and the melancholy, playwright Henry Jaglom’s world premiere comedy explored the complex emotional lives of theater folk. The play will be released as a feature film later this year starring Frederick and Judd Nelson.

Frederick’s performance in her first feature with Jaglom, “Hollywood Dreams,” earned her Best Actress kudos at the Montana International Film Festival and the Fargo Film Festival, and propelled the film to Best Picture honors at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival and to Best Comedy at WorldFest Houston. She was named Method Fest’s “Performer to Watch” and has also received the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival’s “Maverick” Award.

Off-screen, Frederick has proved just as driven and talented. A fitness aficionado who runs daily, Frederick recently ranked 52nd out of 1,321 women in her division in the LA Marathon in 2010. She will participate in four more upcoming marathons including the Santa Barbara Marathon, the Carlsbad Marathon, the LA Marathon and the Hollywood Half Marathon. She is an expert at Tae Kwon Do and a passionate surfer. She founded “Project Save Our Surf,” an annual surfing event that benefits various ocean charities. She is also founder of the Iowa Film Festival, which debuted successfully four years ago and has tripled in size.

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